Based in Portola Valley, Woodside Priory School's official robotics team barn2robotics competes under First Robotics Competitions (FRC) as Team 751.

Our experience

Since 2002...

We've achieved more than we could have imagined in the past 20+ years of competing in FRC competitions. In this time, we have:

Lifetime Members
Robots built
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From Team 751's Alumni

Hear about what our alumni have to say about the team and the FRC experience.

“More than I ever could have imagined

Robotics has meant so much to me over my two years on the team. I’ve done more than I ever could have imagined, and I’ve tried so many different engineering disciplines that I never would have otherwise. I’m really excited that I get to move out into the world with the knowledge I’ve gained as a proud member of Team 751

Evan Strohman
"Most formative experience of my high school career"

My time at Team 751 was the most formative experience of my high school career. It not only taught me hard skills related to STEM but soft skills such as leadership, communication and teamwork.

Louis Stromeyer
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Kevin asada

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